Saturday, April 21, 2012

Christina Eliminates Jesse

What I love about this interview is that the DJ says all the words I want to say.  Christina is one of the best singer ever for me.  But by eliminating Jesse, she makes people question her credibility.  Coz after one spectacular performance....the guy is eliminated against other team mates who where not even close to his talent and voice.  I hope Jesse will be as successful as Jennifer Hudson, who was eliminated prematurely from American Idol.  If you want to see how Jesse sings ...and wonder why this man was eliminated, you need to watch this....

Note to self:  See Yani, even the best got voted off for whatever reason.  After being "voted off" yourself, you should be stronger.  After being voted off the second time, you should be double stronger. Back-to-back elimination.  As Steve Jobs say... along the way when you connect the dots, you will understand why what happened...has to happen.  All the best Jesse!  All the best Yani!  Let's emerge on the other side, a Fighter!

1 comment:

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